I first met Hineaopounamu (Hine) King when she had only been in her new job with Partners Porirua for three days. She was clearly a little breathless so we arranged to have coffee a couple of weeks later and it was then that I encountered the value that this woman will bring to her new role as Partners’ Business Development Manager.

Hine’s background is in event management and marketing, among other things. She has worked with corporates, in industry and in the government sector.

She found her niche in Auckland in sales and marketing, hospitality and tourism and stayed there for eighteen years, ending up as Business Development Manager at the Grand Rendezvous Hotel. With her husband serving in the New Zealand Navy and away for 3-6 months at a time, they moved to Christchurch with three children aged 22, 17 and 7, ostensibly for a lifestyle change.

Hine worked at the Marque Hotel in Christchurch, a brand new build 4-4.5 star hotel from 2008–2010. Following this role she was employed as Commercial Manager, Ticketstar New Zealand Limited and during this time she worked with Emedia Campaigns Limited at the Mission Estate Sting Concert in 2011, attracting 32,000 patrons. Her role as Commercial Manager was to bring in new business. But then the Christchurch earthquake happened on 22 February 2011 and her family became her total focus. The company she was working for folded, some staff left and never returned to Christchurch and New Zealand.

It was at this time that her husband was offered a job in Wellington, to start the very next day. There had been $140,000 damage to their home in Christchurch so it wasn’t a hard decision to move. It wasn’t until 2015, however, that they sold their home and closed the door on their life in Christchurch.

Their main reason for moving to Wellington was for their children and because their extended family lived close by. Hine has two brothers in Wellington and the family support was wonderful. Cory was still in the navy and it took Hine five months to find work. They are now living in Paraparaumu mainly because they love the sea (unsurprisingly!)

Hine worked in a variety of roles but was recognised for roles in which she excelled – event management and marketing - at the Ministry of Education. She worked in the Office of the Secretary for two different Secretaries of Education and organised events for Minister Parata. It was the start of her Wellington journey. She stayed there for four years gaining experience with each passing day.

Following several Ministry-wide restructures, Hine took redundancy to refocus on her passion in sales and marketing and event management. She was encouraged to apply for the job with Partners Porirua and she is now using the skills she developed at the Ministry to get back to where she belongs in her new role.

Hine’s new role is about putting other people before herself. She is working both with youth and with getting local businesses on board in the Porirua Youth 2 Work movement and 1st Porirua Youth 2 Work JOBfest. She is working to engage with local businesses to register with Porirua Youth 2 Work JOBfest (identifying entry-level jobs, work-experience, part-time, casual, holiday work, coaching, mentoring and training to complement senior level students' continuation of education) plus young job seekers (18 – 19 years of age) ready for full-time work now. Hine believes that there are real opportunities for youth in Porirua with real jobs waiting for them from entry level upwards. There are also jobs for the young unemployed who have few qualifications. She says that it’s a question of finding opportunities for students still in education as well as for those who have not yet found employment within the city of Porirua.

Hine has done extensive training in developing systems so is ideally placed to set up systems for the Youth 2 Work initiative. Her role is to:

  • work with local businesses who have REAL Job’s or REAL opportunities available,
  • seek upcoming recruitment opportunities which have availability to commence anytime from the event date of 4 August through to the end of the year with full-time/part-time/casual work, etc.,
  • seek sponsorship for the JOBfest that Partners are planning for 4 August. The plans for this event are well in hand and Hine is certain that this will have a roll-on effect year by year and happen annually,
  • as a Partners Porirua business partner, work collaboratively to promote opportunities and benefits for Porirua Youth, in the spirit of partnership, share resources and celebrate achievements.

Hine and her colleagues at Partners Porirua are already seeing results with the Youth 2 Work scheme. They are working with, among others, the Chamber of Commerce, Porirua City Council, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Porirua Education Sector and Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement Advisory Group.

Hine is on a mission - to get youth into work or education – learning or earning. Who better to make a difference for our young people in Porirua?

A dynamic woman with a mission

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